Bobby Joe Harlow

The Bobby Joe Harlow Band


"San Antonio is my Home and Music is my life".

Bobby Joe Harlow is a renowned name in Texas and his band 'The BOBBY JOE HARLOW Band' is possibly one of the most busiest bands in the country today.  

Bobby Joe has been playing music professionally around the world since 1977.  Having formed and being part of numerous popular bands  such as 'FEEDBACK' , 'LES MOORE BAND', 'JOE BLOW',  and having worked with legendary artists, Bobby Joe is no less than a legend himself. 

He is a lyricist, composer, performer and has authority on an amazing number of instruments. He has recorded and toured with angular rockers like The Bad Boys, Zombies of Leisure, Waifs of Destruction, Kopia, Scratch and many others.    

While the Texans love his music, he loves to share his talent with his students and is passionate to teach them all he knows.

When not performing, Bobby Joe has scores of piano, guitar, vocal and recording students that keep him quite busy. 

He lives in San Antonio with his  family.  

" I’m married to my sweetheart wife, Laura whom I’ve known for over 40 years , who also sings in 'The BOBBY JOE HARLOW Band' with me. We have 5 adult children with music being a part of their lives growing up. My oldest son Dylan has performed with me at venues all over Texas. We have no grandchildren yet but hopefully God will bless us with many.  

My mom and dad introduced me to music at a very young age and my dad still plays and sings with me at 84 years old. My brother, Billy Jack is also a monster guitar player and my sister, Maribeth is an award winning singer and actress. 

I believe in love, peace and Music for all the souls in this Universe.


                                                                                           ...Bobby Joe Harlow. The Musician, the Performer, the Teacher. "

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The Man

I discovered the musician in me  when my dad gave me my first guitar in the winter of 1975.

From that point on,  I 've lived and breathed music. 

My family, my band members and  my students are the biggest reason for my passion that keeps me going on this journey !

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The Music

Bobby Joe recorded and toured with angular rockers like The Bad Boys, Zombies of Leisure, Waifs of Destruction, Scratch and many others .  

He writes, performs and records his own songs in addition to performing his favorite mu


The Band

"The Bobby Joe Harlow Band"

The magic of Bobby Joe and his band members make it one of the most performing bands in and around South Texas. Some people say that San Antonio can't celebrate without the Band !

Bobby Joe's old bands, Joe Blow and Feedback are well known, too.

Band Events

The Bobby Joe Harlow Band members

Laura Jean Harlow



Hayley Espinoza



Nick Grant


Bass Guitar

Jordan Espinoza



Bobby Joe Harlow


Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Harmonica


"Bobby is the funniest teacher I ever had. He's just the best teacher..."

                                                                                                                                                                           -Carter C.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              (8 yrs. old Piano student)

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